Learning at St Patrick's School Mitchell

At St Patrick’s School, we provide a curriculum that engages and challenges individuals on their learning journey. Because our staff are passionate about their own learning and the quality of our teaching, we take a collective responsibility for ensuring all students progress and have access to the appropriate curriculum.

To have the best education possible, we continually reflect on what we do to improve learning opportunities and keep effective practices. We implement the following research-based strategies that have a real impact on student achievement.

  • John Hattie’s Visible Learning  
  • The Reading Improvement Strategy  
  • Insπre Mathematics 
  • Phonics to Spelling: A Diocesan Approach  
  • Personalised Planning for Learning  
  • Essential Skills for Behaviour Management  

Our learning environment provides opportunities for children to engage in purposeful and real-life learning. It fosters the capacity within each student to engage in the curriculum so that they have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and become a lifelong learner who thinks critically, creatively and independently. 

A St Patrick’s School education reflects Catherine McAuley’s educational vision for the pursuit of excellence, justice for all and the service of others.

What we teach

The curriculum at St Patrick’s School nurtures our students’ intellectual development in an environment that recognises achievements and excellence.

At St Patrick’s School, we teach the full breadth and depth of the Australian Curriculum.

Further information can be found on the Australian Curriculum website.